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    IBEW Journal - Winter 2009

    IBEW Journal - Winter 2009

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    Neutrality Agreement Won at L.A. Rail Car Manufacturer

    L.A Local 11, community groups and a national coalition have won a neutrality agreement covering taxpayer-funded rail car manufacturing using local residents.

    Mo. GOP Lawmakers Admit Right-to-Work Lowers Wages

    Anti-worker lawmakers in Missouri admit that right-to-work lowers wages – but they’re still in favor of it.

    Maine Bands to Host Benefit Concert for FairPoint Strikers

    Popular musical acts in Maine are teaming up with union activists to help raise money for FairPoint strikers this holiday season.

    Ky. Asplundh Win Makes a Baker’s Dozen

    Asplundh’s tree trimmers in Kentucky are joining co-workers in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Virginia voting for IBEW-negotiated protections and benefits.

    Ky. Asplundh Win Makes a Baker’s Dozen

    Asplundh’s tree trimmers in Kentucky are joining co-workers in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Virginia voting for IBEW-negotiated protections and benefits.

    Calif. Local Meets Desalination Plant’s Challenges

    Members of San Diego Local 569 are helping overcome their state’s water scarcity, building the largest seawater desalination project in the Western Hemisphere.

    Minneapolis Volunteers Help Build Home for Wounded Warrior

    Nearly 40 members of Minneapolis Local 292 are helping build a wheelchair-accessible home for a Marine who was seriously injured in Afghanistan.

    Protesters Target D.C. Trade Negotiations

    Activists are calling on Congress to reject fast track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a global free trade bill that will costs jobs and drive down working conditions.

    Right-to-Work-for-Less on Wis. GOP’s Agenda

    Wisconsin Republicans are threatening to pass right-to-work-for-less in 2015.

    Commemorating Tragedy: N.Y. Member’s Flag Flies at 9/11 Museum

    After his firsthand glimpse of 9/11’s devastation, a Local 3 member memorialized fellow union members in a flag displayed at the New York museum.

    Must-Win La. Senate Runoff Saturday

    IBEW members throughout Louisiana are mobilizing to re-elect pro-worker Sen. Mary Landrieu this Saturday.

    Union Plus Mortgage Program Helps Philly Member

    The Union Plus mortgage assistance program has helped workers like Philadelphia Local 98 member Eric Hudson during lean financial times.

    Ohio Utility Locators Overcome Distance to Vote ‘Union Yes’

    Gas line locators at an infrastructure construction company prevailed in a unique campaign to join Toledo, Ohio, Local 245.

    Solid First Contract at Greenlee Textron Tools

    After a celebrated organizing campaign, aided by volunteers from California, workers at Greenlee Textron Tools have overwhelmingly ratified a first contract.

    FairPoint Workers Rally for a Fair Deal

    As FairPoint strike turns five weeks old, workers rally for fair treatment in New Hampshire and Boston.

    After Surgery, Union Plus had His Back

    San Antonio Local 60 member Leon Smith received a $2,700 Union Plus disability grant when he was sidelined by back surgery, one of the many benefits IBEW members are eligible for when they hold a Union Plus credit card.

    Win A Dream Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is offering a Wyoming hunting trip with a new rifle to one lucky winner.

    TV Ads Tell FairPoint: Respect New England Workers

    Augusta, Maine – The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers released four new television ads featuring FairPoint Communications employees and retirees calling on the company to return to the bargaining table and give workers a “fair deal.”

    IBEW Helps Win $10 Million Settlement at American Water

    On Oct. 30, with the signing of a settlement, American Water has agreed to pay nearly $10 million in lost benefits to members of 19 unions representing workers at the company. The settlement was ratified by union members by a margin of 2 to 1.

    IBEW Tells Congress: Time to Approve Keystone

    The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is urging Congress to support Sen. Mary Landrieu’s bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

    FairPoint , Unions Return to Mediation Talks

    Union negotiators and FairPoint executives will resume federal mediation Nov. 18. Almost 2,000New England IBEW and Communication Workers have been on strike since Oct. 17, two months after negotiations broke down.

    IBEW Linemen Bring Safety and Solidarity to Suriname

    Four linemen traveled to Suriname in October, bringing safety equipment and training to linemen employed by the nation’s state-run utility.

    Senate GOP Fast Tracks Free Trade

    Senate Republicans vow to make passage of job-killing free trade agreements one of their top priorities in the coming year.

    IBEW Member Elected to Congress

    Folsom, N.J., Local 351 member Donald Norcross was elected to Congress Nov. 4

    Asplundh Tree Trimmer Campaign Rolls through Appalachia

    Asplundh Tree Expert Co. trimmers are voting in large numbers for a voice on the job, hoping to join other workers who already belong to the IBEW.

    Wealth Inequality Indicator Highest Since Great Depression

    The ultra-rich are seeing their wealth increase to the highest levels in decades. Two new reports show just how bad that is for the U.S. economy.

    Conn. Members Say No to a ‘Wisconsin Moment’

    Bridgeport, Conn., Local 488 members have been hitting the streets every Saturday, knocking on doors of union members encouraging them to vote for pro-worker candidates like Gov. Dannel Malloy.

    Ohio Manufacturing Workers Call Off Strike, Win New Contract

    Hundreds of union members working for France-based Schneider Electric voted for a new contract.

    Remember ‘Wichita Lineman’? Still on the Line, After Almost 50 Years

    Released in 1968, ‘Wichita Lineman,’ written by Jimmy Webb and sung by Glen Campbell, became an anthem for workers who climb poles for a living.

    Retired IBEW VP Honored for World War II Service

    Retired Eighth District Vice President Lawrence Farnan received France’s highest honor, the Légion d'honneur, in remembrance of his World War II service.

    Latest Spot Marks New Phase of IBEW’s National Campaign

    Three years ago, the IBEW launched a national television advertising campaign with a simple goal: tell America who we are and what we do.

    FairPoint Strikers Stand United

    Nearly 2,000 FairPoint workers remain on strike, protesting the company’s refusal to collectively bargain.

    Calif. Manufacturing Workers Score First Contract

    Calif. “green collar” manufacturing workers voted overwhelmingly Sept. 9 for their first collective bargaining agreement.

    Union Busting Stalls Wage Growth

    Unemployment is dropping, but critics ask why workers’ incomes aren’t rising.

    New England FairPoint Members Strike

    Nearly 2,000 employees of FairPoint Communications in Northern New England went on strike on Oct. 17.

    Rolling Back Workers’ Rights, But Fight not Over

    The secretive American Legislative Exchange Council was behind a June measure to end collective bargaining in Fort Wayne, Ind. But lawmakers are not done fighting.

    Yearly Contest Challenges Apprentices in Tasks, Theory

    Seventh District apprentices have been competing in yearly contests in the Seventh District since 1962, bringing members together with union and contractor leaders.

    Locals Help Save Osprey

    Illinois and Connecticut IBEW members are helping save and restore endangered osprey (fish-hawks) in their states.

    Ohio Manufacturing Workers Strike to Save Pensions, Raise Pay

    Hundreds of Ohio members working for France-based Schneider Electric went on strike Oct. 5.

    Asplundh’s Mich. Workers Win Voice

    Tree trimmers employed by Asplundh Tree Expert Co. in Southwest Michigan voted 69 to 11 for representation by Grand Rapids Local 876 on Oct. 2.

    President Hill Honors 77-Year Member

    Jimmy Kice, a Kansas City Local 124 member, in Washington, D.C. visiting the World War II Memorial, was presented with his 75 year pin by International President Edwin D. Hill.

    Anti-Union ABC Ready to Fight Protections, Rights on the Job

    The anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors is challenging a recent White House executive order ensuring fair standards and working conditions on federally-contracted jobs.

    N.C. IBEW Member Calls for Payroll Fraud Crackdown

    A North Carolina IBEW activist says lawmakers shouldn’t give companies a contract to cheat.

    At Women’s Conference, Taking Action for Pro-Worker Candidates

    IBEW members participated in a get-out-the-vote postcard campaign for pro-labor Texas candidates during the Women’s Conference in San Antonio.

    Canadian National Electrician Wins Community Service Award

    Railroad local Business Manager Charles Cox says his award for community service in Memphis is accompanied by the satisfaction of helping youth succeed.

    Retired Portland IBEW Leader: ‘Still in the Dogfight’

    Ed Barnes, retired Portland, Ore., Local 48 business manager, is a hometown hero to citizens fighting for more responsive political leadership.

    Union Program Opens Up Opportunities for Women in the Trades

    Despite some progress in increasing gender diversity in construction, women still represent only 4 percent of the total industry workforce.

    Oregon Diversity Program Wins Accolades

    Bridget Quinn will receive a Woman of Vision award for her success bringing diverse, effective apprentices to Portland, Ore., Local 48’s training program.

    Day of Action Energizes Third District Youth

    Young members are an important part of Third District Progress meetings, strategizing over how to increase peer involvement in the union and volunteering for community service projects.

    British Columbia Locals Help Teachers Win

    Eight unions, including the IBEW supported striking teachers in British Columbia with an interest-free loan of $8 million, helping them win a long strike

    Asplundh Trimmers Vote ‘Yes’ in W.Va.

    Asplundh, the nation’s largest tree trimming firm, has 30,000 employees and has negotiated 80 collective bargaining units. But more of the company’s workers want to work union.

    Unions, Business Team Up to Fight Payroll Fraud

    In Texas, law-abiding corporations, labor unions and workers’ rights advocates are lobbying for laws that punish companies that mislabel workers as independent contractors.

    IBEW Photographers Fight for Retirement Security

    IBEW broadcast members demand equal treatment at N.H. TV station.

    Schneider Electric Employees Picket During Tough Negotiations

    Contentious contract talks between Schneider Electric and its union employees prompted an informational picket from IBEW activists this week.

    Executive Order Strikes Blow Against Crooked Federal Contractors

    Obama’s latest pro-worker executive order requires federal contractors to maintain clean labor and safety records.

    N.Y. Apprenticeships Win Solar Accreditation

    Thirteen Electrical Training Alliance centers in New York have received accreditation from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council for their inside wireman program.

    New York State Comptroller Intervenes in FairPoint Labor Dispute

    CWA and IBEW members at FairPoint Communications aren’t surrendering after the company imposed a concessionary contract. They are making their voices heard even in the board room.

    Volunteers Build a Shed in Georgia and Open up the Skies

    IBEW volunteers make life a lot easier for Georgia park rangers by building a lakeside home for two-dozen kayaks.

    Portland Local First to Join Electrical Vehicle Challenge

    In 2013, the U.S. Department of Energy set a goal to make plug-in electrical vehicles as affordable and convenient for the American family as gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 10 years.

    Jayhawk Voters Rejecting the Right?

    Maybe right-wing prescriptions for “improving” the Kansas economy should come with warnings? The state’s gubernatorial/ U.S. Senate campaigns are in turmoil over their failures.

    Texas Nuclear Workers Vote ‘Yes’ to Win Improved Health Care

    Looking to boost their health care coverage, 100 Texas nuclear plant workers voted this summer to join Houston Local 66.

    Nova Scotia IBEW Defeats Utility’s Outsourcing Plan

    Activists at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Local 1928 successfully fought off a company’s outsourcing attempt, saving hundreds of union jobs.

    FairPoint Walks Away from Bargaining Table

    FairPoint Communications declared a bargaining impasse Aug. 27, refusing to reach agreement with union workers.

    IBEW Helps Save High School Electrical Training

    The IBEW is partnering with the Chicago Public Schools to save electrical training for high school students.

    Following the Money in Alaska Senate Race

    Alaska Senate candidate Dan Sullivan is getting financial help from shadowy groups and donors looking to elect anti-worker lawmakers Nov. 4.

    A Special Message from President Hill: Honoring Labor Day’s Heroes

    Look forward, not backward on Labor Day, says President Hill. But honor the sacrifices of our predecessors by joining hands in common efforts.

    NACTEL Offers Virtual Open House

    NACTEL is offering a virtual open house for potential students Sept. 16.

    IBEW Responds to Napa Earthquake

    IBEW members respond to earthquake that rocked Napa Valley, Calif. Aug. 24.

    Ill. Candidate Channels Reagan’s Union Busting

    Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner tells supporters that he wouldn’t hesitate to use Ronald Reagan-style tactics against striking public employees.

    Kentucky Locals All in to Send Mitch McConnell Packing

    Ky. IBEW activists are mobilizing to help defeat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Nov. 4.

    RENEW Members Boost Leadership Skills, Look to Future

    For any budding journeyman wireman looking to advance in the trade, training is always the key.

    The Race to Replace Labor Hero Tom Harkin

    IBEW activists in Iowa are mobilizing to help elect Senate candidate Bruce Braley, who supports PLAs and collective bargaining.

    Hundreds of FairPoint Workers Picket in New England

    Hundreds of union FairPoint workers picketed last week in New England to protect middle-class jobs as the company considers the unions’ latest proposal.

    In Tenn., Looking Back for Organizing Inspiration

    After losing a high-profile organizing election in February, the UAW is looking to different ways to help represent Volkswagen workers in Tennessee.

    Wisconsin Locals Target Job-Killing Gov. Walker

    Wisconsin IBEW activists are mobilizing to help defeat Gov. Scott Walker on Election Day, Nov. 4.

    IBEW Joins Natural Gas Methane Reduction Initiative

    Methane gas escaping from aging natural gas pipelines is undermining the fuel’s environmental and cost benefits. The IBEW is working to help find a solution.

    Enter the 2014 Photo Contest

    Writers over the centuries have used soaring language and gripping eye-witness accounts to extol the virtues of labor history.

    Saskatchewan Local Fights for Mineworker Rights

    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Local 529 filed an unfair labour practice application against Alliance Energy Industrial Ltd. in June, accusing the company of intimidating pro-IBEW workers at its Agrium pot ash mine in northern Saskatchewan.

    In Calif., A Solar-Powered Leg Up

    For many Bakersfield Local 428 members, California’s thriving solar industry is an opportunity for job growth and stability. For some of the local’s newest members, it’s a second chance.

    NJATC Transitions into the Electrical Training Alliance

    IBEW members often say that the union’s apprenticeship training, delivered by the NJATC, is the union’s best-kept secret.

    Ore. Members Build Portland’s New ‘Auto-Free’ Bridge

    Popular songs and advertisements have inspired generations of Americans to get behind the wheel and step on the gas pedal.

    Anti-Worker Koch Brothers Loom Large in Mich. Senate Race

    One of the biggest stories already shaping up in this year’s election cycle is the influence of deep-pocketed, extremist organizations and their fight against everyday American workers.

    Ohio Locals Aim to Defeat Anti-Labor Gov. Kasich

    Two years ago, IBEW locals in Ohio played a critical role in winning a ballot initiative to defeat legislation supported by Republican Gov. John Kasich which would have taken away the right of firefighters, teachers and other public workers to collectively bargain.

    Kansas City Manufacturer Earns Plaudits

    It turns out the first, second and third time is the charm, at least for members of El Dorado, Ark., Local 2284.

    Union Members Rally Against EPA Carbon Rule

    Thousands of union members rallied in Pittsburgh July 31 to protest the Environmental Protection Act’s Clean Power plan, which they say will kill good jobs and weaken the electrical grid.


    PRESS RELEASE August 3, 2014: FairPoint Deadline Passes With No Resolution


    FairPoint Deadline Passes With No Resolution

    A six-year contract between FairPoint Communications and 1,700 members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and 300 members of the CWA expired at midnight Aug. 2, as the parties agreed to continue talks to forge a new agreement.

    Alaska Mayor: Union Dues are ‘Slavery’

    Thugs. Goons. Bullies. Anti-worker politicians love to use colorful language when talking about unions and their members.

    In Chicago, New Trains and Job Growth

    The 400 members of Chicago Local 134 who maintain the city’s bustling railways are looking forward to some major changes in the next few years.

    Union Plus Announces Scholarship Awards

    IBEW members and family members were awarded $10,000 of scholarships from the Union Plus Educational Fund.

    Helping the Homeless

    The number of homeless children in rural Whatcom County, Wash., has doubled in the past two years. Most of these children are being raised by a single parent.

    PRESS RELEASE: IBEW Speaks Out Against EPA Carbon Emission Rule

    IBEW members are testifying this week in four cities in opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan.

    Jobs Safe, But for How Long?

    Crumbling bridges. Damaging potholes. Dangerous traffic that contributes to fatalities.

    Tiny Chips, Massive Job

    If you’re reading this on your computer or your phone, you have local unions like Portland, Oregon, Local 48 to thank.

    Tracking Tuna on TV

    If Mark Brochu is an adrenaline junkie, his friends and co-workers will tell you he’s one of the best one they know, putting adventurous exploits into productive work.

    Summit Promotes Working Families

    Americans live in the only developed nation that does not guarantee paid parental leave. To make matters worse, 40 million workers in the country do not have access to paid sick leave to take care of themselves, their children or aging parents.

    U.S. Affirms South Korea ‘Dumping’

    The U.S. Department of Commerce is charging South Korean producers of steel tubing with unfairly “dumping” their products below their fair market value in the U.S.

    Strike Averted

    A looming strike at the Long Island Railroad – the busiest commuter rail system in the nation – was averted July 17 when IBEW leaders and other union activists announced a tentative deal with the transit agency’s management.

    Congress Takes Action on Wage Theft

    It’s common sense. Federal money shouldn’t line the pockets of known law-breakers. But many government contractors routinely violate labor and wage and hour laws, costing employees – and taxpayers – millions of dollars

    Strike Looms for Long Island Railroad

    Every weekday, more than 335,000 passengers ride the Long Island Railroad, flowing into Manhattan in the morning and back out to Long Island at the end of the day.

    IBEW Lights Up Planetarium

    This Fourth of July, the St. Louis Science Center’s James S. McDonnell Planetarium celebrated with a light spectacle much closer to the ground.

    IBEW: EPA Plan Targets Jobs, Grid

    The IBEW, along with other unions that represent energy workers, are criticizing the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, saying it will kill jobs and put the electrical grid at risk.

    Bye Bye, Collective Bargaining

    Republican legislators in Fort Wayne, Ind., voted June 24 to terminate collective bargaining for 500 public employees who help maintain services and infrastructure in the state’s second largest city.

    Union Volunteers Refurbish Sanctuary

    Thanks to the hard work of members from the IBEW and other unions, visitors can remain safe while appreciating the beauty of the Horicon Marsh wildlife refuge in Wisconsin.

    Railroad’s Safety Culture Gets Overhaul

    CSX Transportation’s Selkirk repair shop is a massive, loud throwback to America’s industrial past.

    Who’s Messing with My Cash?

    It has cost 5.8 million American jobs and millions in Canada, too. It’s called currency manipulation, a tricky device by which one country (like China) plays around with the price of its currency and hurts its trading partners (like the U.S. and Canada).

    Fla. Comcast Sales Reps Vote ‘Yes’

    More than 700 technicians working for Comcast across the U.S. enjoy better wages and a voice on the job, thanks to the collective bargaining agreements they have negotiated.

    Supreme Court Ruling Hurts Workers

    Thousands of home care workers were already burdened by trying circumstances on their jobs before a Supreme Court ruling on June 30 made their lives and their service to disabled persons more difficult.

    Jack Daniel’s and IBEW Team Up in Ala.

    Northwest Alabama has been a hard place for union workers for decades.

    McConnell Campaigns for Low Wages

    The United States’ transportation infrastructure is in desperate need of massive federal investment to rebuild crumbling roads and bridges.

    Seattle IBEW: ‘Raise the Wage’

    When the Seattle City Council started considering proposals to raise the city’s minimum wage, Seattle Local 46 knew it was their duty to step right up to help.

    IBEW Rips Developers’ Distortions

    Last year, a public policy center at Northeastern University in Boston released a report stating that the lack of affordable housing in Beantown could hurt the city’s e conomic recovery.

    In San Jose, Higher Minimum Wage Means More Jobs

    Critics of raising the minimum wage claim it will hurt businesses and cost jobs, but the experience of one California city is refuting the naysayers.

    N.C. Fights Extremist Agenda

    North Carolinians from all walks of life continue their Monday protests against the state GOP’s extremist agenda.

    Grads Prepped for Change

    In the race of advancing telecommunications technology, the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning is helping workers keep up the pace.

    IBEW Helps Win Veterans Housing

    IBEW Locals in California are standing up for housing rights for our nation’s veterans.

    2014 IBEW Women’s Conference Sept. 17-20

    Hundreds of IBEW sisters are expected in San Antonio Sept. 17-20 for the Seventh IBEW International Women’s Conference.

    Greenbrier Workers Join Neb. IBEW

    Manufacturing workers at Greenbrier Rail Service in Hershey, Neb., are the newest members of the IBEW family after voting to join North Platte Local 1920.

    Obama Ends Philly Rail Strike

    President Barack Obama announced the creation of a presidential emergency board June 15 to end four years of stalled contract negotiations with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, the IBEW and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

    Goodwill Wins Calif. Work

    Through helping residents, building a reputation as a good neighbor and working in coalition with other community organizations, Modesto Local 684 is winning new work.

    Union Volunteers Build Roof

    Union members recently volunteered to build a roof on the youth archery range at the J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area’s Everglades Youth Conservation Camp in West Palm Beach, Fla.

    Bill Would Create Jobs, Save Energy

    When it comes to renewable energy, Rhode Island lags far behind its neighboring New England states.

    Last NLC Class Graduates

    Two hundred and ten graduates crossed the stage to receive their diplomas from the National Labor College at the end of this spring semester. It was the institution’s largest graduating class, and also its last.

    Report Highlights Danger of Outsourcing

    Outsourcing by state and local governments increasingly means that the middle-class jobs of today are becoming the poverty-level jobs of tomorrow.

    Walmart Moms Go on Strike

    Moms employed by the mega-retailer Walmart walked off the job in more than 20 cities last week to protest continuing low pay and disrespect.

    Responsible Contracting Law Passed

    In Minnesota, everyone agrees that when it comes to taxpayer-funded construction projects, contractors must obey the law.

    IBEW Storm Service Praised

    Summer is here, but only a few months ago, North America was suffering through record freezing artic temperatures, ice storms and massive snow flurries.

    Outside Opportunities in Transmission

    Billions of dollars of new transmission work is coming to the Midwest and Great Plains, making outside line construction one of the hottest job fields in the country.

    IBEW on EPA Emissions Rules

    The EPA has a track record of underestimating the impact of its rules, making faulty predictions that have cost tens of thousands of good jobs.

    ADT Techs Seek Contract

    Nearly 2,000 ADT employees across the U.S. and Canada enjoy better job security, fair wages and other benefits of an IBEW contract.

    Give Road Crews a Break

    As you get ready to hit the highway this summer, crews working on or near roads have a request: slow down and stay alert.

    Union Volunteers Refurbish Park

    Approximately 30 skilled tradesmen donated their time to rehabilitate a fishing pier at Houston’s Sheldon Lake State Park May 3.

    IBEW Restores Power to Town

    A power outage… A college graduation. They mix about as well as electricity and water.

    One Local’s Volcanic Problem

    A big crowd at a local meeting is often one of the most reliable signs of a union’s strength.

    Concerns Vindicated on 'Free' Trade Agreements

    In 2007, as Congress considered approval of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, the IBEW joined 10 other unions in a letter opposing the pact with the most dangerous country in the world for unions, with 72 trade unionists assassinated the year before.

    Anti-Worker Legislation Fails in Mo.

    The 2014 legislative session in Missouri ended May 16 with the defeat of two major anti-labor bills long sought after by anti-worker special interests.

    Download the New IBEW App

    IBEW members are usually on the go. Many depend on their phones or tablets to check the latest news and keep in contact.

    Aiding Wash. Mudslide Recovery

    In the days and weeks after March’s tragic and sudden mudslide that devastated the small Washington community of Oso, the nation watched as newscasters and reporters piled up grim figures.

    Trade Deal = Pricier Health Care

    The Trans-Pacific Psartnership – a trade agreement under negotiation by the United States, Canada and 11 other Pacific Rim nations – could end up making it harder for consumers to fill their prescriptions.

    Empowering Women, Building IBEW

    A popular button often seen at labor rallies and conferences reads, “A woman's place is in her union.”

    Philly Transit Agency Forces Impasse

    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) rejected federal efforts to end four years of stalled contract negotiations with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the IBEW on May 8.

    Locals Address FairPoint Shareholders

    On May 12, executives and shareholders of Charlotte, N.C.-based FairPoint Communications gathered for the company’s annual shareholders meeting. The meeting took place amid widespread rumors, reported on www.ibew.org, the company is seeking a merger or sale.

    Pa. Local Gives Vietnam Vets Their Due

    The Erie County Vietnam Veterans Memorial is shining a little brighter after a new set of lights were unveiled May 3

    Labor Secretary Praises IBEW Apprenticeships

    For years, high-school students have been told there is one path to success – a four-year college degree.

    Business/Labor Kick Off Infrastructure Week

    Business and labor may not agree on everything, but when it comes to investing in America’s aged industrial infrastructure, both sides are sounding the alarm.

    Raffle Nets Thousands for Veterans Group

    Members attending the 2014 Broadcasting, Manufacturing and Telecommunications Conference in Connecticut in late April loudly applauded after hearing from George Farrell, a retired fire chief who coordinates Rhode Island’s “honor flights” program.

    Student Apprenticeship = Opportunity

    Like many high school seniors, Brian Hobbs and Jacob Bates weren’t looking forward to four more years of sitting in the classroom – all while racking up major college debt.

    Bye-Bye, Factory Jobs

    Talgo is vacating its factory in Wisconsin, four years after Gov. Scott Walker rejected millions in federal stimulus money to create a commuter line.

    Tell Obama to Protect American Jobs

    During President Obama’s recent tour of Asia, many issues were discussed with foreign heads of state. At the top of Obama’s agenda was the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade agreement among the United States and 12 other Pacific Rim nations.

    Small Chips, Big Jobs

    GlobalFoundries ,the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, is building a new manufacturing campus in upstate New York.

    Letter Carriers’ Food Drive

    Letter carriers across the country are getting ready for the 22nd annual Letter Carriers’ Food Drive.

    In Mo., More Anti-Worker Bills

    Just weeks after failing to garner enough support to put right-to-work-for-less on the Missouri ballot, anti-worker state legislators are resurrecting another bill aimed at weakening workers’ rights.

    FairPoint Vs. Fair Deal for Workers?

    When telecom company FairPoint Communications first bid to take over Verizon’s New England landline service in 2008, there were both promises and worries.

    Business, Labor Cheer Federal Skills Investment

    Business and labor leaders are in agreement that President Obama’s April 16 announcement of $600 million in federal grant programs to boost workforce training is the right decision for the economy.

    Pulitzer Prize Honors Series Exposing Black Lung Denials

    As president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka hears and reads a lot of horror stories about workers being abused by employers.

    Last year, one story struck home in a uniquely personal way for Trumka, a former coal miner whose father, grandfathers and uncles died from black lung disease, suffocating from the effects of years of breathing coal dust.

    Unionists Beautify Ga. Park

    Vistas at Providence Canyon State Park, known to locals as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon, will be enhanced by seven miles of restored trails, thanks to union members.

    Saving Electricity, Winning Friends

    IBEW and NECA are recognized for their concern for the environment and support for their cities.

    Powering Cars, Empowering the Future

    Matt Harlow, an inside journeyman wireman member of Birmingham, Ala., Local 136, learned a lot about the value of on-the-job training during his five years as an apprentice instructor.

    IBEW’s Solar Power in California

    After Dan Sullivan topped out of San Diego Local 569’s apprenticeship program in 2001, he went back to the training center for the class that changed his life.

    Hollow Recovery

    Seven years after the onset of the Great Recession, nearly all economists agree that we are in an economic recovery.

    IBEW Expands Kan., Mo. Auto Plants

    Drive down any wide, open highway across Missouri and you’ll see something big, heavy and plentiful on the plains.

    IBEW to Senate: Ensure Grid Reliability

    An IBEW request has helped initiate a timely hearing to discuss how the shutdowns of coal-fired power plants will affect the nation’s electrical grid, especially during extreme weather emergencies.

    Technology Opens Horizons in Saskatchewan

    Automated electricity meters have been a double-whammy for many locals. Meter reader jobs disappear and the replacement work has proven extremely resistant to organizing on both sides of the border.

    House Mulls Benefits Extension

    The U.S. Senate voted April 7 to restore unemployment benefits for the 2.8 million Americans who have been out of work for six months or longer.

    Right-to-Work-for-Less Fails in Mo.

    Efforts to make Missouri the 25th right-to-work-for-less state came up short April 9, with anti-worker state legislators failing to garner enough votes to send their bill to the state Senate.

    Mich. Local Uses YouTube to Organize

    Muskegon, Mich., Local 275 invested in a camcorder and asked the local’s new members to say on camera why they decided to join the IBEW – in their own words.

    FCC Votes To Save TV News Jobs

    Leading union activists representing broadcasting employees cheered a move that will help promote diversity in local media markets while saving jobs.

    Secure Your Future with NACTEL

    With technology moving so quickly, success in the telecommunications industry requires commitment to lifelong learning.

    Honoring Our Nation’s Linemen

    Lineman put their lives on the line every day to ensure that electricity is safely delivered to our homes and businesses.

    Still Fighting for the Eight-Hour Workday

    Flat wages have been pushing American workers backward for decades, but Minneapolis Local 292 member Kent Blachowiak’s employer was trying to push him all the way back to the 19th century.

    Organizers Save Okla. Family from Fire

    Trentice Hamm and Robert Bausch started out their day hoping to inspire some nonunion Oklahoma construction workers during an organizing blitz.

    Report Shows Need for Action on Unemployment

    It is unlikely that most of the long-term unemployed will find their way back into the labor market without an effort by Congress and business leaders, a new report says.

    New IBEW Ad Celebrates American Manufacturing

    It can seem tougher these days to find products on store shelves that don’t have a “Made in China” label.

    New Report Challenges Outsourcing Myths

    It’s one of the inevitable laugh lines in tens of thousands of workplaces, public and private. A senior manager tells workers that some of their duties will be outsourced to cut costs. Around the water cooler employees snicker about how contracting out work often backfires, costing employers more than they save.

    Bipartisan Support for IBEW on Grid Reliability

    U.S. Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Rob Portman (R-Ohio), members of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, are actively supporting a request from IBEW, the United Mineworkers Union, the Utility Workers and others to hold a hearing on the stability and reliability of the nation’s electrical grid.

    IBEW Unity Fund Critical to Fighting Anti-Worker Agenda

    The Koch brothers are trying to buy elections. Anti-labor lobbyists helped defeat VW workers’ effort to organize in Tennessee. And right-to-work may be coming to states like Missouri, Ohio and Maine if anti-union lawmakers succeed in carrying out their corporate donors’ wishes.

    Westex Joins with NJATC to Boost High-Tech Learning

    The industry leader in the manufacture of arc-rated fabrics is helping to create a program to help train the next generation of electrical workers.

    California Local Helps Finance Rosie the Riveters’ Trip to D.C.

    Many World War II factories operated with the assistance of women, some of whom are coming to Washington, with the help of IBEW members.

    The Best Live Music Brought to Your Home by the IBEW

    There is one television concert show where the technical engineers behind the broadcast are as talented as the people on the stage.

    Union Plus Helps Members in Need

    You never know when you could use a helping hand. Hardships can hit at any time: layoffs, natural disasters, medical emergencies or a strike.

    This bill: ‘Paid for by Union Wages’

    Activists in Missouri are working to remind businesses that everyone in the Show Me state benefits from good union jobs – every time a member makes a purchase.

    Five Labor Leaders with Irish Roots

    Each St. Patrick’s Day, we honor North America’s Irish heritage.

    Report Points to Danger of Delaying Infrastructure Investment

    Franklin Roosevelt was in office and Mickey Mouse first hit the screen when most of New York City’s sewer mains were installed. The Cold War was just starting and home TVs were still a rarity around the time when most schools were built in the five boroughs.

    Billboards Are Just the Beginning for Ill. Local

    Collinsville, Ill., Local 309 has launched an unprecedented, multiplatform advertising campaign that Business Manager Scott Hassall expects will dramatically raise the profile of the local and its signatory contractors throughout their southwest Illinois jurisdiction.

    Unions Denounce Administration’s Privatization Plan for TVA

    America’s building trades unions are strongly opposing President Obama’s recommendation to privatize the Tennessee Valley Authority, calling it a budget gimmick that would set back a model institution that has improved the lives of millions.

    Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. 130 Years Young

    Every economic sector reserves a special place for pioneering companies. Respect grows when, more than a century after the formation of an enterprise, it continues to provide innovative leadership in its industry.

    IBEW Calls for End to Kellogg’s Lockout

    The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers joins the growing number of labor unions, community and civil rights activists and lawmakers in calling for an end to Kellogg Co.’s four-month lockout of more than 220 workers at the company’s Memphis, Tenn., plant.

    Ontario Activists Push for Living Wages

    Union members and pro-worker activists took to the heart of Toronto’s retail district Feb. 15 to call on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to raise the provincial minimum wage.

    End Currency Manipulation, Create Jobs

    Politicians talk a lot about jobs, but there is one surefire way Congress can help create millions of jobs according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute: crack down on currency manipulation.

    Pa. Locals Rally to Stop Labor Assaults

    When legislators in Pennsylvania decided to follow the lead of Wis. Gov. Scott Walker and propose a bill to weaken the state’s public sector unions, so many unionists showed up at Harrisburg’s capitol rotunda on Jan. 28, many were forced to stand outside in the freezing cold.

    Nashville-Area Electrical Licensing Law Promotes Safety, Local Hiring

    With a New York Bank data center project, upgrades to a General Motors auto plant and a new convention center job on the books, leaders of Nashville Local 429 figured the time was right to move an electrical licensing law through the Davidson County Council, a 40-member body that covers the celebrated music city and surrounding suburbs.

    Vancouver Local Funds Cutting-Edge Burn Research

    For nearly 125 years, the IBEW has relentlessly fought to improve on-the-job safety for electrical workers, and the positive impact of the Brotherhood’s advocacy is unquestionable.

    IBEW Stands with UAW, Calls for New Volkswagen Vote

    The United Auto Workers is asking the National Labor Relations Board to set aside the results of the certification election at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tenn. assembly plant decided after a three-day vote Feb. 14.

    Miami Local, Contractors Help Cancer Patient

    On Valentine’s Day, while much of the nation faced frigid temperatures, in Cape Coral, Fla., cancer patient Frances Ballester wasn’t just struggling with a lack of air conditioning. Her breathing machine, too, was shut down after the local utility turned off her electrical power over landlord’s unpaid bills.

    Maine Bill Will Protect Call Center Jobs

    Less than 200 Maine residents earn their living catching lobsters. But nearly 20,000 state inhabitants work in call centers, like legendary retailer L.L. Bean’s, employing 2,000.

    New York Local 3 Member Rises to Bass Fishing Elite

    Tens of thousands of people enjoy bass fishing. When they are not on their favorite lakes, many watch fishing tournaments on TV.

    Court Upholds Rule Protecting U.S. Workers’ Wages

    In a victory for American jobs and fair pay, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upheld Department of Labor wage rules requiring non-agricultural foreign workers be paid prevailing wages.

    IBEW: Caution Urged in Comcast Merger

    The IBEW is asking regulators to carefully review the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner.

    Activists Ask Mike Rowe to Drop Walmart

    Talk about a dirty job. TV host Mike Rowe is the voice for Walmart’s new TV ad campaign promoting American manufacturing

    On the Bright Side, Solar Sees Record Job Growth in 2013

    If you want to know where the jobs are, follow the sun. That’s the conclusion of a new report from the Solar Foundation, which says solar employment in 2013 grew by 20 percent over the previous year. That’s 10 times faster than the national average employment growth rate.

    IBEW Dad Cheers on Daughter’s Olympic Dreams

    Last week, we reported on Worcester, Mass., Local 96 member Ekaterina Pashkevitch, who is in Sochi, Russia, playing center for the Russian Women’s Olympic Hockey Team.

    Manufacturing Member Makes Tapestry of Solidarity

    At any gathering of union members, you can always count on one thing: T-shirts. Bearing the union’s colors and announcing--often quite loudly and creatively –their cities or towns, T-shirts help members express their pride.

    Study: Unions Are Key to Reducing Income Inequality.

    The skewing of national income to the top 1 percent of the country threatens upward mobility, which is the core of the American dream, says a new study from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Labor and Employment Relations.

    IBEW Member Recounts Fight for Civil/Worker’s Rights in Miss.

    For IBEW member Charles Horhn, the fight for civil rights, voters’ rights and workers’ rights are one. In honor of black history month, he told his story to the AFL-CIO blog.

    Canada’s Highest Court Upholds Pensioner Rights

    The Supreme Court of Canada struck a blow for pensioner rights Jan. 30, reinstating a lower court’s decision that a $43 million pension surplus that existed when Manitoba Telephone was privatized in 1997 belonged exclusively to retirees.

    The East Coast’s Real Sunshine State: New Jersey

    When most people think about solar power, New Jersey doesn’t immediately come to mind. They might think of thousands of photovoltaic panels sprawling across barren stretches Southwestern desert. Solar, many people suppose, thrives not in New Jersey but where New Jersey goes on vacation.

    Member Makes Olympic Appearance

    Ekaterina Pashkevitch is taking to the ice in Sochi, Russia this week, playing center for the Russian Women’s Olympic Hockey Team.

    Unions and Management Team Up to Save Classic Company

    You’ve heard the reasons why union manufacturing can’t make it in America anymore: Union workers get paid too much. American manufacturers can’t afford to build here. Unions just get in the way of management.

    Code is Key to Pa. Utility PLAs

    Four project labor agreements between IBEW and PPL Electric Utilities in Pennsylvania to upgrade miles of aging power lines will soon require 400 to 500 outside journeymen linemen. This is good news for Keystone State members and for travelers from as far away as Alaska.

    IBEW Electrician Highlights Fight Against Long-Term Unemployment

    Vacaville, Calif. Local 1245 member Erick Varela was at the White House Jan. 31 to introduce President Barack Obama at a discussion with the heads of some of America’s top corporations about combating long-term unemployment – something the two-tour combat veteran is all too familiar with.

    Mo. IBEW Activists Fight Right-to-Work Push

    Is the Show-Me State about to get a new motto? As in, “Show me a smaller paycheck?”

    IBEW Fighting to Save U.S. Nuclear Manufacturing

    The outlook for more than 50,000 American jobs in manufacturing could be determined by a bill under consideration in Congress that places more than a dozen significant new restrictions on the export of civilian nuclear technology.

    Oops. Pa. Unemployment Benefit Cuts Backfire

    Two years ago, the Pennsylvania legislature, looking to keep the state’s unemployment benefit fund solvent, came up with a plan to alter an eligibility rule for collecting benefits.

    Boston Broadcasting Techs Overwhelmingly Vote IBEW

    More than 30 freelancers working for Program Productions, Inc., voted overwhelmingly to be represented by Boston Local 1228 in an NLRB-certified election Jan. 8.

    N.C. Activists Take on State GOP’s Anti-Democratic, Anti-Worker Agenda

    Clergy, civil rights activists, union members and education advocates from throughout North Carolina are converging on Raleigh Feb. 8 for what is expected to be the largest ever “Moral Monday” march.

    Want to be a Contractor? Sign up Now for IBEW’s Contracting Class

    IBEW members who become electrical contractors have the advantage of knowing not just a trade and an industry, but how to unleash the powerful contributions of the men and women who work on their projects.

    Stop Job-Killing ‘Fast-Track’ Trade Deal

    Activists are calling on Congress to say no to fast-track legislation that would take away its ability to negotiate the biggest free-trade agreement since NAFTA – the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    Raising the Roof: Device Jacks High Wires

    A new system to increase the capacity of transmission lines is being used for the first time by members of Syracuse, N.Y. Local 1249.

    Corporate Exec Praising Unions? Yep

    Who said it?

    “[Unions] are a key driver in the creation of the middle-class, for the reduction of work hours, paid vacation, all sorts of benefits that we all enjoy.”

    Voters Pick 16th IBEW Photo Contest Winners

    Contrasting the chilly stillness of winter with the energy of a lineman in action, Casper, Wyo., Local 322 member Levi Gossard’s photo won top honors in the 16th IBEW Photo Contest.

    Ontario Local’s Scholarship Award Forges School Board Alliance

    The best apprenticeship programs depend upon students who are well-prepared at the secondary education level for success in the academic rigors of the electrical trade.

    PBS’s ‘American Woodshop’ Goes IBEW Solar

    For 20 seasons, “American Woodshop” has been a favorite show on PBS channels across the U.S.

    IBEW Helps Maritime School Provide High-Tech Education

    It’s an innovative idea in education – a maritime-trade focused school for students in the 5th to 12th grades.

    Calif. ‘Green Collar’ Workers Vote IBEW

    Following a dramatic campaign that tapped the resources and verve of workers and organizers, 78 employees at Sunoptics – a Sacramento-based manufacturer of high-tech skylights – are the newest members of Vacaville, Calif., Local 1245.

    President Hill Urges Open Internet, Broadband Expansion

    We support the Jan. 14 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit affirming the authority of the Federal Communications Commission to regulate broadband access.

    Wis. GOP Lawmakers Propose Eliminating Weekends

    Like your weekend? Well if you live in Wisconsin, a pair of Republican state legislators has an unpleasant surprise for you.

    Study: Workers Misclassification Hurts Everyone

    A policy think tank has a new fact sheet that shows that worker misclassification is a serious problem everywhere – even in states with relatively strong labor protections, like Oregon.

    EWMC Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Kansas City

    As Kansas City and Local 124 host the 24th annual leadership conference of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus on Jan. 16, members will reflect upon the legacy of one of the longest-standing minority caucuses in the labor movement formed 40 years ago in the same city during the 30th IBEW Convention.

    Operating Engineers Re-Affiliate with Building Trades

    The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers welcomes the decision by the International Union of Operating Engineers to formally re-affiliate with the Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO.

    Court Cases Threaten Unions and Working Families

    One of the main arguments in favor of voting and engaging in the political process is the importance of electing friends who will appoint fair-minded judges.  When we fail, important gains won at the bargaining table or in legislation can be negated by the courts.

    Tell Congress: Extend Long-Term Unemployment Benefits

    The U.S. Senate narrowly voted to extend unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed Jan. 6. These expired at the end of last year for 1.3 million workers who have been unemployed for 26 weeks or longer.

    Community Engagement Wins Rebirth of N.Y. Power Plant

    Since 1950, New York State’s substantial hunger for energy has historically been quenched by big servings of coal-fired steam generation. And, since 1950, one of the largest plants was Dunkirk Station, on the shore of Lake Erie, 55 miles southwest of Buffalo, employing members of Syracuse Local 97.

    Workers’ Rights Victory in Saskatchewan

    Supporters of workers’ rights won an important legal victory Nov. 21, after the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board found contractor Magna Electric Corp. guilty of unfairly terminating pro-union employees.

    Maine Verizon Business Techs Join IBEW

    Verizon Business technicians in Andover, Maine, voted overwhelmingly to join Augusta Local 2327 Dec. 11.

    Study: Infrastructure Investment, Not Cuts, Key to Job Creation

    While some members of Congress continue to push for further cuts to federal spending, one government watchdog group says our elected leaders need to focus on a more pressing debt: the industrial investment deficit.  

    Vote Now for the 2013 IBEW Photo Contest Winners

    From contemplative landscapes to jaw-dropping heights, participants in this year’s IBEW photo contest showcased an array of stunning images – displaying that our membership’s talent extends far beyond the tool belt.

    Utility Workers Return to Work After Lockout

    The lockout that forced the 225 members of Vancouver, British Columbia, Local 213 out of their jobs at FortisBC is over after nearly six months.

    EWMC Coat Drive Warms Kids and Hearts in St. Louis

    St. Louis Local 1 electricians Sylvester Taylor and Leon Arties were ready for the cold weather, adhering to the advice of all workers who brave the elements on their jobs: “You can always put on more clothes than you need and take off what you don’t.”

    Ill. Member Casts Line on ‘Trip of a Lifetime’

    The hectic life of an IBEW business manager offers few reprieves and little free time.

    But for Eric Patrick, leader of Rockford, Ill., Local 196, such hard work was rewarded earlier this year when the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance invited him to coastal Louisiana for a fishing expedition.

    IBEW Holiday Lights Brighten Cities, Towns

    In the surge of goodwill that accompanies the holiday season, IBEW locals across the U.S. apply their skills to light displays and community celebrations, winning praise in the media and respect from hundreds of thousands of neighbors for whom a visit to the displays is often a yearly custom.

    Oregon Natural Gas Project Winning Support

    The fate of a proposed $7.7 billion liquefied natural gas export facility in Oregon will likely be decided in the next few weeks and members of the IBEW are lobbying for the project’s approval.

    N.H. Utility Employees Score First Contract Wins

    When workers vote “union yes,” it’s often a hard-won victory. But tougher still can be the path to a first contract, where the skills of newly-minted activists are put to the test against the possibility of continued company resistance and difficult negotiations.

    L.A. Local Builds Dreams for Military Veterans

    Bridging differences between members is often difficult enough for local unions. Deciding how apprenticeships will be filled can sometimes be a point of controversy.

    Anti-Worker Law Threatens On-the-Job Rights

    Unions representing more than 1 million federal workers in Canada – including the IBEW – are coming together to take on anti-worker legislation that threatens collective bargaining rights and on-the-job safety

    N.Y. Local Wins Bargaining Rights at U.N

    Longtime members of N.Y. Local 1212 who perform all video, editing and broadcasting at the U.N. were deeply worried.

    Study: Working Women Need Unions

    A record 67.5 million women are working today, but many women suffer from low-pay and a gender-based wage gap that makes it hard to get by.

    IBEW Shows Students Importance of Math

    Math isn’t just important for balancing checkbooks and passing tests. It’s vital to a career in the electrical trade.

    Local 24 Member Tells House Leaders: Extend Unemployment Benefits

    Stan Osnowitz, an unemployed journeyman electrician member of Baltimore Local 24, said he hates being unemployed. “It is a waste of my abilities. I love being an electrician,” he says. Out of work since July after working for three years straight, Osnowitz is one of more than two million unemployed job seekers who could lose federal jobless aid if Congress does not act to extend it before the end of the year.

    Missouri GOP Resurrects Right-to-Work-for-Less

    Missouri Republicans are looking to start the New Year off on the wrong foot, with another legislative battle over right-to-work-for-less legislation.

    Five Things Comcast Did This Year to Hurt Workers

    Here are just five ways Comcast has given workers a raw deal in one of its most financially successful years on record.

    Fast-Food Workers Strike for Better Pay

    Fed up with poverty wages, fast-food workers across the country are holding a one-day strike Dec. 5.

    IBEW Member Helps Provide Hunting Access to Kids with Mobility Challenges

    A new, custom-built deer blind in Texas Hill Country set the stage for kids with mobility issues to experience the thrill of the hunt safely and comfortably, due to the completion of a conservation project organized and sponsored by the Houston-area union community and the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance.

    Court Rules Against FairPoint Subcontracting

    When FairPoint Communications bought Verizon’s New England landline holdings in 2008, the company announced that fears among IBEW members who had worked for Verizon that the new company would outsource and cut jobs were unwarranted.

    Washington, D.C. Local Gives Students Gift of Music

    Too often when school boards face budget shortfalls, music education is the first to go.

    But for Washington, D.C., students, music in the classroom is alive and well thanks to a donation from Local 26 and CBS EcoMedia.

    CEOs pushing Social Security Cuts Enjoy Gold-Plated Retirement Plans

    Most Americans reject slashing Social Security benefits, but that hasn’t stopped well-funded lobbyists on Capitol Hill from continuing to push Congress to make Social Security cuts.

    Secret Document Exposes Tories’ Anti-Worker Agenda

    Ontario Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak’s antipathy toward unions is no secret, but a recently leaked internal campaign document reveals just how anti-labour a potential Tory government could be.

    Nonunion Wind Workers Look to IBEW for Better Safety

    Across the breezy expanse of Iowa, clean wind-powered energy is abundant.

    But for workers in this booming industry, safety on the job can be scarce. That’s one reason why nonunion employees at the TPI Composites plant in Newton are looking to the IBEW for representation.

    Beer Billionaire Yuengling Blasted for Right-to-Work Support

    Dick Yuengling, president of the nation’s oldest brewery, has rarely kept his contempt for unions under wraps.  In 2006, he supported a move by workers in his Pottsville, Pa., brewery to decertify their Teamsters bargaining unit.

    Top 10 Reasons to Enter the 2013 Photo Contest Now

    The deadline was already extended to Nov. 30, so you have no excuses!

    Hill: IBEW is the nuclear work force of the future.

    How the nuclear power industry will find enough qualified workers to build, operate and maintain plants in the future was the topic of an online conversation featuring International President Edwin D. Hill and senior executives from industry.

    FirstEnergy Corp. Announces Transmission Grid Upgrade

    Ohio-based FirstEnergy Corp. announced Nov. 12 a multibillion-dollar effort to overhaul and expand its electrical transmission network, ensuring reliable service and enhanced capacity to meet the demands of a growing economy.

    New TV Spot Showcases IBEW Commitment to Community

    As any member can tell you, the IBEW isn’t just about good wages or strong contracts. It’s also about commitment to community.

    Why Right-to-Work-for-Less is Wrong for Alaska Families

    Alaska possesses one of the stronger labor movements in the United States, with a union density rate only second to that of New York State.

    NACTEL:  Knowledge That Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

    As the economy continues its steady recovery, demand for telecommunications workers is picking up. But many of the best jobs are only open to people who keep up with the industry’s rapidly changing technology.

    New Jobs Added in October,But Unemployment Still High

    The Labor Department’s jobs report released last week revealed some interesting data about the health of the economy and the industries represented by the IBEW.

    President Hill To Congress: Support our Broadcast Partners

    For many decades, IBEW members have skillfully brought news and entertainment to local audiences across the nation, working for major broadcasting companies like CBS, Fox and ABC.

    Nova Scotia Utility Threatens Outsourcing

    Nova Scotia Power’s announcement that it was considering outsourcing at least 250 utility jobs is being criticized by workers and consumer activists as a threat to good jobs and reliable service.

    Indianapolis Local and Contractors Build Community with Christmas Lights

    As millions of Christmas and holiday season displays take shape across the nation, picking the best is surely a difficult task. But some shine brightest.

    The Case for Prevailing Wage

    The federal Davis-Bacon Act – along with its state and local counterparts — helps keep construction jobs good jobs and maintain high standards in the industry by requiring contractors receiving public funds to pay the local prevailing wage.

     Who’s Behind the War on Workers’ Rights?

    The 2010 midterm elections brought to power a wave of anti-worker governors and legislators. Some are notorious for their attacks on workers’ rights: Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Scott in Florida, Rick Snyder in Michigan.

    Red State, Blue State Voters Want More – Not Less – Amtrak

    Amtrak has long been the whipping boy of congressional right-wingers, who decry federal spending on the nation’s passenger rail line as wasteful.

    Wis. IBEW Leaders Open High Schoolers’ Eyes to Building Trades

    You hear it from the mouths of young people every day: I can’t afford college. The debt would be too big. I’m not sure what to do.

    Tories Target Federal Workers’ Rights

    Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government launched a sneak attack on federal workers’ rights earlier this month with the introduction of a new budget bill.

    Volunteer Fund Helps Furloughed Members in Montana

    After a generator failed at a Montana coal-fired power plant on July 1, the operator, PPL Montana, announced that some members of Colstrip Local 1638 would later be placed on furlough for at least 90 days.

    Four Ways to Jump Start the Economy

    The nation’s economy showed disappointing growth in September, with only 148,000 jobs compared to 169,000 jobs created in August.

    Record NJATC Donation Will Enhance Outside Line Training

    The Northeast Line Constructors chapter of the National Electric Contractors Association has donated $1 million to support the national outside apprenticeship program. Chapter Manager Mike Gilchrist said the donation was the groups way of saying thank you to the linemen and contractors who helped rebuild after Superstorm Sandy destroyed billions of dollars of property and cut off power to more than 8 million homes across New Jersey, New York and New England.

    Central Calif. Local Plays Key Role in Winning PLA Ordinance in Watsonville

    Labor unions and allies in the city of Watsonville, a fertile agricultural center on the central coast of California, have had much success in 2012 convincing progressive candidates to run and win seats on their city council. Many council members had labor union backgrounds, says Castroville Local 234 Business Manager Andy Hartmann.

    Mich. Judge Blasts Municipal Union Busting

    A Michigan judge took an anti-union city manager to task last week, ruling that Lowell City Manager Mark Howe lied and unfairly targeted union activists – just to punish workers for joining the IBEW.  

    Ariz. Whistleblower Fights Worker Misclassification

    The construction industry is making a strong comeback in Arizona, with the number of construction permits up in 2012. But the state actually lost construction jobs over the summer. The reason, says many industry observers: worker misclassification, which is a way for contractors to keep employees on the worksites but off the books.  

    Danish Union Delegation Visits IBEW

    Leaders of the Danish Union of Electricians, along with their counterparts on the employer side, visited the IBEW International Office Oct. 1.

    New York Attorney General Wins $5 Million for National Grid Workers

     In the midst of the chaos of Hurricane Sandy, National Grid, employing thousands of IBEW members in New York and New England, decided to roll out a new computer system to account for overtime pay and expenses.

    St. Louis Contractor Dumps Carpenters Local 57

    Rice Electrical Services and Controls is the latest member of the St. Louis Local 1 family after the business terminated its contract with a rogue electricians union – the Associated Electrical Contractors Local 57.

    IBEW Government Employees Director William ‘Chico’ McGill

    The officers of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers sadly report that IBEW Government Employees Director Chico McGill passed away Sept. 27. With a generous spirit and an outsize personality, he was throughout his career an outspoken voice for workers.

    Haven’t Quite Finished Your Photo Project?  2013 Photo Contest Deadline Has Been Extended until Nov. 30

    The annual IBEW photo contest is a showcase for members to demonstrate their skills with a camera and shine a light on their too-often overlooked jobs. For 15 years, the IBEW Journal and The Electrical Worker have printed hundreds of photos of and by IBEW members at work—turning the lights back on after storms, building architectural marvels and performing hundreds of other jobs that contribute so much to communities across North America and even beyond.

    Sign Up for NACTEL’s Virtual Open House

    In today’s economy, education is vital to getting ahead. And the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning is the place for telecommunications professionals looking to gain an edge through advanced online learning.

    EPA Coal Rule Threatens Energy Independence, Says IBEW

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Edwin D. Hill issued the following statement today:

    “The draft regulations issued by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding emissions from newly-constructed power plants threaten economic growth and America’s energy future. Read more...

    RENEW Conference Energizes Young Workers

    More than 100 young IBEW members from across the United States and Canada will be in Washington, D.C., Sept. 27-29 for the first ever Reach out and Energize Next-gen Electrical Workers conference.

    New IBEW Ad Focuses on Union Skills, Community

    We know the professionalism and skill that members of the IBEW bring to the job every day.

    Now hundreds of millions of TV viewers know as well.

    Coming on the heels of last year’s national ad campaign, a new IBEW spot – titled “Power Professionals” – went on the air this month.

    Sequester, Six Months In: Shutters Space Fence, Mothballs Nuclear Submarine

    The Department of Defense has canceled repairs for a damaged nuclear submarine and ended a program that monitors orbiting space junk, two striking examples of consequences of a federal austerity program that could lay off dozens, potentially hundreds, of IBEW members.

    W.Va. Fracking Industry Spurs IBEW Jobs

    The IBEW’s efforts to tap into good jobs in the booming energy sector are seeing big results in West Virginia, with hundreds of members hard at work building and maintaining the infrastructure needed to get the Mountaineer State’s rich natural gas load to market. 

    This Fall, A New IBEW News Smartphone/Tablet App

    Two years after the launch of the first IBEW app, the IBEW is putting the finishing touches on a new news app for digital readers.

    USA Volunteers Improve Trail Access in Va.

    Volunteers from Richmond, Va., Local 666 joined members from the plumbers and pipefitters and the Virginia Building and Construction Trades Council on Aug. 21 to help create more accessible walkways for York River State Park visitors with mobility issues.

    IBEW Activists Join March on Washington

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to be in Washington, D.C., Aug. 24 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

    Del. Bus Mechanics Join IBEW

    Diesel bus mechanics employed by the Delaware Transit Corp. never had much need for a union. That is until one of their own was fired – all because of his breakfast.   

    Selling Security, and Winning it Too:
    N.C. ADT Employees Vote for a Voice on the Job

    ADT alarm system installers know that when they finish work at a new customer’s home, they’re offering something priceless – greater peace of mind for the whole family.

    House Bill Calls for U.S. Call Centers

    A toll-free call center connection to someone in India has been a punchline for comedians and TV sitcoms for years, but for the thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs in call centers, outsourcing is no laughing matter.

    Food and Commercial Workers Re-Join AFL-CIO

    The United Food and Commercial Workers, which left the AFL-CIO eight years ago to join the Change to Win Coalition, is rejoining the nation’s largest labor federation.

    Federal Workers Alliance, IBEW Challenging Furloughs

    A coalition of 20 unions including the IBEW has already seen progress from a campaign to challenge the furlough of 650,000 Department of Defense civilian employees. Since July 1, the Federal Workers Alliance has been urging members of Congress to eliminate 11 unpaid furlough days that are part of the federal government’s budget sequester. The furloughs amount to a 20 percent reduction in pay.

    Union Plus Scholarships for IBEW Families

    Family members of IBEW members have been awarded scholarships worth $6,250 by the Union Plus Educational Fund. The grantees were among more than 100 winners, representing 36 unions who were awarded up to $4,000. They were chosen out of a pool of more than 5,300 applicants based on their academic performance, financial need and a 500-word essay describing their career goals and their relationship with the labor movement.

    Detroit Local Targets New Projects, Defends Public Pensions

    One year before his city made headlines as the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, Detroit Local 58 Business Manager Mike Richard was meeting with his member of Congress to underscore the need to give Detroit and Michigan residents the first crack at construction jobs on several Detroit-area projects that were in the planning stage.

    Why Raising the Minimum Wage is Good for the Economy

    Raise the Minimum Wage - President Obama reiterated his call for raising the federal minimum wage in his speech on the economy last week.

    Washington, D.C., Apprenticeship Club Brings Young Workers Together

    D.C. Apprentices Get Organized - Washington, D.C., Local 26 journeyman wireman Adam Reed started out in the work force at just about the worst time imaginable.

    Enter the 2013 Photo Contest!

    In the midst of the Great Depression, a still photographer shot a picture of 11 ironworkers eating lunch on a steel girder 840 feet above the streets of New York City. The photo, entitled “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper,” was staged. But the workers who demonstrated the lengths and heights people will go to for a job, were real. And their lack of safety equipment symbolized the sacrifices workers made just to find any job and feed their families.

    Texas Members, Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Improve State Park

    Union sportsmen take a back seat to no one when it comes to expert, responsible hunting and fishing and working to preserve habitats for wildlife from neglect or abuse. But the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, a union-dedicated outdoor organization, is setting an even broader example by infusing the principle of solidarity into a new program that brings together volunteers—including IBEW members—to tackle conservation projects in parks across the U.S.

    IBEW, Utility Team Up to Help Neighbors in Need

    Toronto, Ontario, Local 636 utility workers and Hydro Ottawa partnered earlier this month to help power up a group home that serves residents with physical disabilities and seniors.

    IBEW Tells Capitol Hill: ‘Let us Keep Our Healthcare’

    Electrical workers and their employers are raising the alarm about loopholes in the Affordable Care Act that threaten to undermine quality coverage for more than 26 million Americans.

    Pittsburgh Apprentices Rescue Seniors from Major Blaze

    Pittsburgh Local 5 members are being credited with saving dozens of local senior citizens from a fire that tore through a nursing home June 25.

    Statement of IBEW International President Edwin D. Hill On President Obama’s Climate Action Plan

    The President’s statement on energy today is a step in the right direction on the long road to reaching a balanced, workable consensus on energy issues. 

    IBEW to Lawmakers: Reduce Immigrant Construction Work Force, Create American Jobs

    A recent poll shows a strong majority of citizens opposing the use of more foreign guest workers in the trades. And labor leaders are bringing that message to lawmakers as they debate new immigration proposals that would have far-reaching effects on the industry.

    ‘Moral Mondays’ Protest N.C. Legislation

    Some say religion and politics don’t mix. But politicians often call upon their religion as an inspiration or justification for their actions. Nowhere is this truer than in North Carolina, where both houses of the state legislature are under Republican control by Tea Party conservatives who often cite scripture to support their agenda.

    Packer-Town Local Gets Applause for Volunteerism

    Like nonprofit organizations across North America, the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay, Wis., is scraping for funds to keep its programs alive even while the need to help struggling citizens grows due to a still difficult economy.

    Freshmen in Congress Say No to Secret Trade Negotiations

    What if the controversy raging over the National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic phone calls is overshadowing an abuse of privacy that could undermine our nation’s democracy in a myriad of ways that the NSA spying never could?

    Winnipeg SimplexGrinnell Workers Score Quick Campaign Win

    In what organizers are calling a stellar campaign victory, a determined group of skilled technicians working for SimplexGrinnell in Winnipeg stood up for rights on the job and voted IBEW May 22.

    IBEW Comic Book Recounts Labor’s Story to New Members

    In a genre best known for caped crusaders and mutants saving the universe, one IBEW local is using comic books to tell the story of another kind of hero: the union men and women who made the American middle class.

    Telecom Workers Tell FairPoint CEO: Let’s Sit down and Talk

    On June 3, with a little over one year to go before their contract with FairPoint Communications expires, business managers and co-workers representing 1,700 IBEW members in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont traveled to the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

    Minn. Local Takes Contract Fight to City Hall

    Two Harbors, Minn., power and water workers are going public about stalled efforts to renew their two- year contract.

    Calif. Local 595 Opens the Zero Net Energy Center

    Dublin, Calif., Local 595’s new training center formally opens on May 30, instantly becoming one of the most efficient and technologically advanced commercial buildings in the country.

    First District Vice President Phillip Flemming Dies

    With sadness, the IBEW announces the death of First District Vice President Phillip Flemming on May 25. He was 68.

    Shipyard Workers Win Sequester Reprieve

    Federal shipyard workers across the United States won a temporary respite May 14, when the Pentagon announced that they were exempting employees from mandatory unpaid furlough days.

    Minn. Memorial Honoring WWII Hero, an IBEW Member, Opens

    Front and center of a new Memorial Day dedication in Minnesota is an IBEW member and one of the once-anonymous Marines who were the first to raise the American flag on Iwo Jima.

    New Storm Lab Prepares Michigan Electricians for Weather Disasters

    Summer is coming. For many, this means vacations on the beach, kids lounging at home and trips to the pool. But for utilities, summer means raging thunderstorms and hurricane season.

    Union Sportsmen’s Alliance Clays Shoot Supports Conservation Efforts

    The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance, originally sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, has maintained conservation as a core mission since its founding in 2007.

    After Lethal Tornado, Okla. Local Launches Relief Fund

    The mile-wide tornado that tore through Moore, Okla., May 20 killed dozens and left a swath of destroyed homes, businesses and schools in its wake.

    Illinois Local Hits Homer with Little League Scoreboard

    When it comes to attitudes about unions and our members, Americans often summon the negative images spread by our adversaries, rather than considering the contributions of union members who could be their neighbors like the firefighters, police personnel or nurses. Or electricians.

    Jon Gardner Retires as Seventh District Vice President; Steven Speer Appointed

    Seventh District International Vice President Jon Gardner will retire from office on June 1.

    Alberta Oil Sands Workers Vote IBEW

    For the IBEW's Darrell Taylor, organizing water treatment workers at the Alberta oil sands has been a lot like the tricky process of extracting raw fuel from the soil - slow and steady, but promising in the end.

    Research Encourages Young Worker Movement

    Effectively bridging the different perspectives and experiences of three and, sometimes, four generations in the same workplaces can be a daunting challenge for seasoned leaders and emerging activists alike.

    IBEW Veteran Joins First Lady for Jobs Initiative Announcement

    Eric Varela’s story is all too common. After serving as a combat infantryman in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division, Varela returned to California in 2008 to record high unemployment.

    Returning High School Graduate Brings Back Solar Power and Sunshine

    When Dave Royle was a student at central New Jersey’s Woodbridge (N.J.) High School in the late-1980s, he was well known for his smile.

    Paycheck Deception Legislation Advances in Mo. State House

    Missouri’s House Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Committee approved “paycheck protection” legislation on April 10. The bill would weaken public-sector unions by prohibiting members from having dues earmarked for political action from being automatically deducted from their paychecks.

    Fundraising Effort Supports Pa. Campaign for ‘Right-to-Work’

    When Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican, joined with his Democratic colleague W. Va. Sen. Joe Manchin, to propose a bill on background check for gun owners, he was hailed as a “voice of reasonable compromise.” Not so fast.

    On Workers Memorial Day, Activists Remember Victims, Step Up Fight for Living

    To honor those who have lost their lives as a result of job-related illness or injury, dozens of countries around world have designated April 28 as Workers Memorial Day.

    Edison Electric Institute, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Honor National Lineworkers

    The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) today salute the nation’s men and women who risk their lives daily to keep electricity flowing to the nation’s homes and businesses.

    Groundswell Challenges President’s Social Security Cuts

    Labor unions and progressive activists are speaking out and organizing in opposition to President Obama’s proposal to reduce Social Security benefits as part of his budget proposal announced on April 10. 

    British Columbia Members Protests Domestic Outsourcing

    Labour activists in Western Canada are calling for a moratorium on the federal temporary foreign worker program, saying that the system is rife with abuse.

    Pittsburgh-Area High School Student Excels in Trade Skills

    Celebrated poet Maya Angelou once said, “Living a life is like constructing a building; if you start wrong, you'll end wrong.”

    If the same statement can describe a career, Michelle Braga, a 17-year-old Pittsburgh-area vocational-technical high school student who is aiming for an IBEW journeyman wireman apprenticeship, is on the right track in both spheres.

    NACTEL:  Teaching Telecom Technology Tools

    The best way to keep working is to keep up with the work, an increasingly demanding task with telecommunications technology.

    IBEW Says Eastern Pipeline Means Good Jobs, Energy Independence for Canada

    IBEW members in Canada are cheering TransCanada Corp’s. proposal to build a pipeline to transport crude oil from Western Canada to refineries in the east.

    Comcast: No Paid Sick Days for Philly Workers

    The Philadelphia City Council passed a bill last week that would require virtually every employer in the city to provide their workers with paid sick days – earning the enmity of Comcast, a major player in Philly politics.

    Shipyard Workers Protest Sequestration

    Workers across the nation rallied March 20 and 21 to protest likely furloughs brought on by the more than $1 trillion in automatic federal spending cuts known as the sequestration.

    Obama Nominates Pro-Worker Attorney for Secretary of Labor

    IBEW leaders are praising President Obama’s March 13 nomination of civil-rights attorney Thomas Perez for Secretary of Labor.

    IBEW President Edwin D. Hill Lauds President Obama’s Energy Department Pick

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Edwin D. Hill says President Obama’s nomination of Ernest Moniz to be the next U.S. Department of Energy secretary “is the right choice to lead our nation as we enter a new era of energy policy.”

    Policy, Industry, Labor Leaders Release Bipartisan Energy Plan

    It’s not easy finding common ground in Washington, D.C., these days. Getting Democrats and Republicans – not to mention business and labor – to agree on anything seems an impossible challenge.

    Burden of Sequestration to Fall on Government Employees

    Thousands of IBEW members who work for the federal government or for private government contractors awoke Friday morning facing a shaky economic future. The sequestration – the series of draconian federal spending cuts totaling $1.2 trillion – went into effect March 1, meaning that more than 1 million federal workers face unpaid leave or worse unless Congress takes action to rescind the cuts.

    Business, Labor Agree: Time to Act on Retirement Security

    It’s one of the biggest challenges facing the economy today: providing retirement security for America’s work force.

    What the Sequester Means for You

    If you think the looming “sequester” – the series of automatic federal spending cuts set to go into effect Friday, March 1 – doesn’t affect you and your family, think again.

    Five-Year Agreement Brings together Merged Utility Units in Vermont

    Few words are as chilling to workers as “corporate merger.” Too often the aftermath is slashed jobs, cut wages and managers acting unreasonably.

    Right-Wing Policy Shop: Busted Budgets, Giveaways to the Rich Coming to a State Near You

    It’s one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the United States today, exercising an outsized influence in the Republican Party and driving policy decisions in state houses and governors’ mansions across the country.  And chances are you’ve never heard of it.

    Federal Budget Impasse Forces Immediate Navy Job Cuts

    The Department of Defense is sending out dozens of contract cancelations and preparing to lay off ten, possibly hundreds of thousands of workers because they can no longer fund projects started after 2009, dues to the inability of Congress to pass a budget.

    Facing Opposition, Ill. Sears Techs Ratify First Contract

    Years of management favoritism, lack of respect on the job and the threat of declining wages had been wearing on hundreds of Sears service technicians in the upper Midwest for years.

    Austin Local Says Workers Are Getting Cheated on City-Backed Project

    Austin construction workers and workers’ rights activists are accusing hotel developer White Lodging Inc., of cheating employees out of tens of thousands of dollars in wages on one of Austin’s most high-profile construction projects.

    National Right-to-Work Bill Offered in Congress

    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced a bill on Feb. 5 that would impose so called right-to-work laws nationally.

    Activists Call on President Obama to Protect Workers

    Union members and public safety officials are calling on President Obama to finalize an Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard that would reduce workers’ exposure to silica and save lives.

    Labor-Management Partnership Nets Toronto Local Big Organizing Win

    Dial One Wolfdale Electric Inc., was one of the Toronto area’s largest nonunion contractors, performing millions of dollars in commercial and industrial work each year.

    Have a Union-Made Super Bowl Party!

    The AFL-CIO Now blog is publicizing a list of union-made food and drinks for members to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday. 

    Texas Member Taken Hostage, Killed in Algeria

    Victor Lovelady’s family members say he was a hero long before the project manager for a Houston-based energy firm was killed at an Algeria natural gas plant after being held hostage by Al Qaeda terrorists.

    Pa. Workers Mobilize Against Right-to-Work

    While gridlock reigns in the legislative halls of Washington, D.C., states are churning with anti-union bills, including Pennsylvania, where activists are fighting back.

    Kansas Workers Fight to Preserve First Amendment Rights

    Kansas lawmakers are considering legislation that would drastically curtail the rights of teachers, firefighters and other public workers to participate in the political process.

    New Safety Accord Protects Railway Workers’ Whistleblower Rights

    On Jan 15, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and leading freight railroad BNSF Railway Co., marked a big step forward for on-the-job safety by signing an accord that protects from retaliation workers who report on-the-job injuries.


    Ross Galbraith

    The International Executive Council has appointed Fredericton, New Brunswick, Local 37 Business Manager Ross Galbraith Eighth District IEC member.

    Solis Resignation a Loss for Labor

    Summarizing the Obama administration’s accomplishments in remarks to the IBEW Convention in Vancouver, now-retired General Counsel Larry Cohen said:

    We again have a Department of Labor that is a department for labor. It is no longer an anti-labor labor department, which it was throughout the Bush administration.

    Members Urged to Join the 'A' Team 

    Henry Miller, the first President of the IBEW, died in 1896 without enough money for a decent burial... members of the IBEW established a fraternal death benefit association in 1922 whose essential purpose was to provide the named beneficiary of a deceased member a sum that might permit our member to be interred in a dignified manner.

    Union Sportsman Alliance Celebrates Big 2012

    2012 was a big year for union members with a passion for hunting and fishing. The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance – a national organization of union members committed to outdoor sports and conservation – surpassed 50,000 members, its highest number yet.

    Award-winning Economists: Means Testing is a Dangerous Plan

    Union folks shouldn’t be surprised when our adversaries play word games. Terms like “right-to-work” or “ownership society” sound, to many, as American as the Super Bowl until people find out that the first could cut their pay and benefits and the second would put benefits like Social Security and Medicare in the private hands of Wall Street.

    Mich. Gov. Snyder’s Popularity Plummets on Right to Work

    Anyone who believes in the power of intuition can draw inspiration from Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. Last year, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker launched his war on public worker collective bargaining, Snyder, newly-elected, said such an effort would be “too divisive” to duplicate in his state.

    Energy Giant’s Financial Mismanagement Leaves N.Y. Workers, Community On the Hook 

    Striking utility workers in New York State’s Hudson River Valley agreed to return to work Dec. 14, ending their five week walkout against Dynegy.

    IBEW President Edwin D. Hill on Passage of Michigan Right-to-Work Bill

    This week’s passage of right-to-work legislation marks a huge step back for Michigan working families.

    Great Heights and Grand Views: 15th IBEW Photo Contest Winners

    Like something out of science fiction, Folsom, N.J., Local 351 member Bill DeClement’s stunning image of two IBEW members in a window lift above fog-drenched ocean entranced voters in this year’s photo contest.

    S.C. Organizers Bring IBEW Message to College Football Fans

    With nearly 30 years in the labor movement, Charlotte, N.C.,  Local 359 Organizer Nick Brown has soaked up enough history that he can vividly relay stories about anti-worker intimidation in his neck of the woods – from the bloody 1934 killings of mill workers in Honea Path, S.C., to the bruising days of the mass textile strikes that swept the region in the ’20s and ’30s.

    IBEW Unity Fund to Help Sandy Victims

    More than 70,000 IBEW members across the Northeast live in Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster zones. Many are facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage caused by Hurricane Sandy and the resulting flooding. Some are without a home all together.

    Working Families: ‘Right-to-Work is Wrong for Michigan’

    On Dec. 6, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder stunned working families by announcing his support for right-to-work legislation, pushing the lame-duck legislature to jam through a bill by the end of the year

    IBEW Photo Contest: You Pick the Best!

    Out of the hundreds of submissions for our 15th photo competition, we now present the cream of the crop – 15 finalists that truly capture the spirit of the IBEW.

    Federal Workers Tell Congress: ‘We’ve Sacrificed Enough’

    As Congress contemplates avoiding going over the “fiscal cliff” – the series of automatic tax hikes and budget cuts that will take effect next year – there is a lot of talk about shared sacrifice.


    Donning Pink Hardhats in Support of Cancer Research

    In the crisp autumn air blanketing mile-high Denver, leaves turned orange and red last month while many  construction sites exhibited a new hue of their own: pink.


    Members Offer Thanksgiving Help to Hurricane Sandy Victims   

    It’s going to be a tough Thanksgiving for the hundreds of thousands of New York and New Jersey residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. Many are entering their third week without power – some without a roof over their head.  

    Tell Congress:

    Don’t Push Jobless Americans off the Cliff

    It’s doubtful that the policy expert who coined the phrase “fiscal cliff” to describe the crisis facing the nation’s economy as Democrats and Republicans debate taxes and deficits ever was unemployed for a long stretch of time.

    Organizing Yields Wall-to-Wall Membership at Tenn. Research Facility

    A recent campaign to organize technicians and electricians at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a preeminent science and technology research facility in eastern Tennessee, yielded a noteworthy win for employees who are now members of Knoxville Local 760.

    Setting the Record Straight on Hurricane Sandy Response

    IBEW members and hundreds of other workers, union and nonunion, are pulling together to help the Northeast recover from the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy. The storm slammed coastal areas with strong winds and high seas, simultaneously flooding business and residential areas while knocking down trees and power lines – all in one of the most densely populated areas of the United States.

    IBEW Members Tells Congress: Don’t Bargain Away Our Future

    The election may be over, but for Cincinnati Local 212 Assistant Business Manager Charlie Kenser, the fight to protect middle class retirement security has just begun. On Nov. 8, Kenser joined concerned union members and retirees rallying outside Sen. Rob Portman’s office to ask the senator not to put Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping block before the end of the year.

    IBEW Members Make the Difference on Election Day

    From Florida to North Dakota, IBEW members and their families helped make the difference on Election Day, from reelecting Barack Obama and Joe Biden to a second term to helping pro-worker candidates win seats in Congress. 

    Right Wing Tries to Suppress Congressional Tax Report

    What action do you take if you have constantly stated an opinion as fact and then suddenly find that solid research rejects your hypothesis?

    IBEW Members Make Final Election Push

    As election 2012 comes to a close, IBEW locals in crucial swing states are doing the hard, detailed work getting union voters to the polls.

    With Medicare in Crosshairs, Wis. IBEW Activists Mobilize for Pro-Worker Candidates

    Standing strong in the wake of recent anti-worker legislation that first took root in their home state, Wisconsin IBEW activists are mobilizing against the erosion of Medicare and workers’ rights that could come to pass if right-wing candidates are elected Nov. 6.


    IBEW Members Respond to Hurricane Sandy

    Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc across the Eastern Seaboard, from North Carolina to New England, knocking down power lines, and flooding coastal communities. Hardest hit were New York and New Jersey, leaving more than a million residents without power and many without homes.


    Mitt Romney, who opposed coal power as Governor of Massachusetts, is accusing President Obama of waging a “war on coal.” But the facts tell a different story.

    Big Win at NLRB for American Water Co. Workers

    An administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board has upheld a charge by a coalition of 19 unions, including the IBEW, accusing American Water Co. of violating the National Labor Relations Act.






    Panorama Photo Now Available

    President Hill's "State Of Our Union" Address...2005




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