July 2010

Letters to the Editor
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American Pie’s Sliver

Everybody expects America to take care of the world. The business culture only takes care of themselves and their agenda. Nor do they take care of their workers who fuel the economy by buying their products. Our whole economy is being blackmailed by our treasury note national debt. The only way out for America is to either have a consumption tax or raise taxes, cut programs and lower spending or default on our treasury notes.

The president and Congress have made no attempt in 234 years to pay off our national debt. It seems the biggest crybabies get their wheels greased in this country. Take Wall Street, our banks, the defense industry and special interests, all well paid by our American workers. They got the biggest slice of the American pie. All we get is sweet talked and poorer.

George O. Curry
Local 126 member, Philadelphia, Pa.

Thanks for the Prayers

My husband, John Baker, has been a member of Local 415 in Cheyenne, Wyo., for over 20 years. John was in a serious accident on May 30, 2009, and has a severe brain injury. He is at our home as we await a miracle.

The brothers and sisters of Local 415 have been so supportive with cards, prayers and well wishes to John. They have paid his dues for a year now and have prepaid his dues for the coming year. This is such a blessing to us in these tough times.

I really would like them to know just how much they have touched our hearts and lives.

Joan Baker
Wife of Local 415 member John Baker, Cheyenne, Wyo.

NAFTA Repeal?

I think it’s time for a change, and that change is NAFTA. Believe it or not, repealing NAFTA is very much a possibility. In the last two major elections, 14 Senate and 66 House seats in Washington were flipped from pro- to anti-free trade. This could mean that what Reagan, Bush, and Clinton forced upon us years ago could be repealed. They’re all politicians, so let’s not kid ourselves, they’d sell their souls for a vote. So if we make enough noise, threaten not to re-elect them, or support any other candidate who does not support American manufacturing, maybe we can get rid of NAFTA!

Kevin Calkins
Local 134 member, Chicago

No Lineman Listed?

As a retired Houston Local 66 lineman for 40 years, I would like to know why you do not have lineman listed under trade classifications in the Electrical Worker. We feel left out and not part of the team. I realize there are many classifications to list, but a lineman is the granddad of them all.

Ray J. Tuttoilmondo
Local 66 retiree, Houston, Texas

[Editor’s note: Technically, linemen are included in the "u" (utility) classification. If they work for outside line contractors, they are under the "o" (outside) designation. Linemen are an integral part of the IBEW, steeped in a tradition that goes back to the union’s first days in 1891. Lineman Henry Miller’s tireless efforts to found and organize a national union of electrical workers is key to our storied heritage. A union that is so grounded in history and our collective legacy strives to honor all of its members.]

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