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CIR/Bylaws & Appeals
Director: Darrin Golden

202 728-6165

The CIR/Bylaws and Appeals department processes local union bylaws, appeals, complaints, amalgamations, dissolutions, new and extensions of open charters, elections, expenditures, special dispensations, assessments and waivers. In addition, the director of the department serves as the secretary to the Council on Industrial Relations (CIR). The department facilitates and manages four CIR sessions each year.

Did you know?

The CIR has issued over 8,000 decisions since inception in 1920 and the CIR celebrated its 88th year of service to the construction industry in January of this year. About 130 decisions are issued each year by the CIR.

All bylaw changes must be approved by the International President. Assessments, admission fees or dues can be changed only by a majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing voting at a regular or special membership meeting.



Important CIR dates
to remember:

Nov 1 – All briefs, exhibits, and copies of agreements for the Nov session must be in mail. They must be postmarked by this date.

Nov 10 – 12  – CIR Session at Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC.


THE CIR (The Council on Industrial Relations):
The CIR is an arbitration panel consisting of 12 members, 6 from the IBEW and 6 from the National Electrical Association (NECA). This arbitration panel serves the electrical contracting industry by providing a forum for peaceful resolution to labor disputes.

The services of the Council are available to either or both parties to a labor dispute whose local labor agreement provides for this means of resolving negotiating or grievance impasses. It exists to serve the industry and to help resolve only those issues upon which an impasse has been reached.
The director of the department serves as the secretary to the CIR, with the department facilitating CIR sessions as well as processing all CIR correspondence.

All local union bylaws, U.S. and Canadian, must be approved under the IBEW Constitution by the International President. The department facilitates the approval process as well as working to insure that all bylaws adhere to applicable laws and to the IBEW Constitution. Approved copies of all local union bylaws are kept on file at the international office and all amendments are routed through this department.  Pattern bylaws and assistance may be found in Local Connections to assist local unions with the amendment approval process.

Any member penalized or otherwise disciplined for an offense under the IBEW Constitution, may appeal (Article 25, Section 17). For more information on the IBEW appeal process, refer to Article 25 of the IBEW Constitution.

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