From the fall 2008 issue of the IBEW Journal

Employee Free Choice Act: Now or Never

Brothers and Sisters, you are being lied to.

For enemies of labor, pulling out all the stops to block passage of the Employee Free Choice Act has become an around-the-clock task. Massive corporate spending has yielded brutal attack ads, spreading blatant falsehoods about the bill. Politicians and corporations that have no respect for American workers are showing their fear in a clumsy scramble to unite against providing decent wages and benefits.

Hitting a new low, business groups fronted by the curiously named anti-union Coalition for a Democratic Workplace have unveiled attack ads equating today’s labor movement with organized crime. Around the nation, anti-union groups have attacked Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates who support this reasonable labor law reform by pouring $120 million of corporate money into an ugly smear campaign rife with lies. Clearly, the gloves have come off.


If they want to paint us as thugs, let’s set the record straight on who truly owns that title.

The real thugs are anti-union employers who hold their workers in captive meetings – telling them that if they vote for union representation, they may as well kiss their jobs good-bye.

The real thugs are the politicians so beholden to corporate special interests that they vote to ship American jobs offshore, pulling the rug out from under workers and bankrupting families.

The real thugs are the CEOs who make nearly 80 times the amount of their workers but want to deprive them of decent wages and the right to organize for a better standard of living.

As the country heads deeper into recession, record numbers of homeowners are forced into foreclosure and gas prices are draining families’ wallets. America is ripe for a new deal. For workers, that new deal is passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, which will help swell union membership and ensure that the middle class retains ground in this slippery economic climate.

The truth is out there. Visit for information. Read up on the act at Examine the issues in your Summer IBEW Journal and the upcoming issue, which will be hitting mailboxes before the election.

Don’t let the lies gain traction. Don’t leave our fellow workers begging for a place at the table. Vote pro-union. Our livelihoods depend on it.